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Next Parish Council meeting scheduled for Wednesday 26 January at 7.30 pm in the Village Hall 

Please notein the interests of safety, members of the public must contact the Clerk if they wish to attend to confirm any availability of a seat. 

To book a seat please email

  • Numbers must be restricted due to social distancing and recent government guidance in relation to the Covid-19 Omicron variant.
  • Masks must be worn at all times (unless speaking; social distancing of 2m should be adhered to whilst in the hall). 
  • Lateral flow tests must be taken before the meeting by everyone attending 
  • If you have any covid symptoms please stay at home.

Recent Coastal Erosion

In light of the recent erosion at the end of Beach Road, the Parish Council can confirm that Norfolk County Council is responsible for Beach Road, and have Officers in regular attendance inspecting the barriers to encourage people to remain safe. They decide on road closures and the timescale for clearance of any debris. Coastal Partnership East Officers are kindly arranging for warning signs to be erected around the beach area to warn people of the potential dangers. Although the Parish Council does not ‘own’ or ‘manage’ the areas affected by the recent erosion, they work with multiple stakeholders including, individuals and businesses. Changes are unable to take place without planning permission granted from Great Yarmouth Borough Council. Natural England is responsible for both the SSSI and Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which includes the coastline and stretches a short way out to sea. A variety of marine and coastal agencies undertake monitoring and research.  Council is grateful to local landowners for their contribution to the village and the protection they offer us. The events of the past two years aid to remind us all that the car park and the surrounding infrastructure are assets in managing the influx of visitors throughout the year.  Short, medium and long-term plans are required to manage the impacts of coastal erosion on our village.  A multi-agency approach will help to address all of these issues as the situation constantly changes. Council welcomes support and input from local residents and visitors.  

Winterton-on-Sea Parish Council Home

Councillor Surgeries 

Your Winterton Parish Councillors will be holding surgeries for local residents to come and meet your local Councillor. This is an opportunity for the community to talk about local matters, projects and to share ideas.

If you would like to talk to your local Councillor then please come along

to the Village Hall on the second Saturday of the month between 11-12pm.

Dates are as follows:

11 December 2021

8 January 2022

12 February 2022

12 March 2022

Street Safe

The Police priority across the whole of Great Yarmouth area is being street safe where individuals are encouraged to highlight locations or situations where they might not feel safe, is the contact address and it allows individuals to quickly and easily record their comments. 

Further reports on local crime and anti-social behaviour can be made here at the Police 'Report it' page for Norfolk.

Winterton-on-Sea Parish Council Home